Technics 1200 – full refurbishment

An old, well worn patient came in a few weeks ago, needing as much love that Paradise Systems could give it.

So we replaced and upgraded the bearing thrust plate;

New Cardas Litz solid silver tonearm wire, arm tube dampling was added to stop arm ringing;

New DC voltage regulator with additional safety and performance features;

New upgraded and uprated ultra linear external power supply.

Resprayed and polished platter.

Given it’s worn state the plinth was bead blasted and powder coated.  We can do any RAL colour!

Now this thing sounds as good as it looks.  You would never know this unit spent most of its life in a nightclub being abused by some of the best DJs in the world.  Can you guess which club it came from?

From This….

To This…
New powder coat, any RAL colour
Worn thrust bearing replaced
Fitting solid silver tone arm wires
Paradise Systems voltage regulator
Inside the PS power supply
Power supply and regulator fitted
Fitting silver wire to the headshell end of the tone arm
PS power supply (prototype)
1200 almost ready
ready to play


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