The story of Paradise Systems started many decades ago when a small boy, fascinated with the way things worked began dismantling toys and any other household equipment lying around.  Oft to the chagrin of some members of the family.  This and a passion for music encouraged by parents were the seeds of PS.

Outdoor parties in the 80's were the place to be.

At college studying mechanical engineering our hero got involved in the live events and eventually ran the stage and dealt with managers, bands, lighting, sound, security etc.

As a design engineer and musician/sound engineer he began to design small circuits.

And while living in the USA he had the privilege to work at the great "House of Guitars" in upstate New York advising musicians on instruments and processing equipment.

A career in nightclubs, tour managing and outdoor festivals followed.

Paradise Systems Custom Audio Equipment

To realise his dream the C.E. went back to college and became qualified in electrical, electronic and RF engineering.  Culminating in being awarded a PhD. in electronics.  Pursuing a career in high frequency communication systems.

Eventually Paradise Systems was born.

Not born out of a desire to make money.  Our C.E. began making equipment that he himself wanted.  Musician friends and colleagues heard the products and wanted them too.  So by popular demand PS was created.  A place where anyone can come and have their audio dreams turned into reality.