RM-2, RM-2P, RM-2Px, RM-2PXR

The RM-2 and RM-2P (Phono pre-amp) are Paradise Systems flagship DJ mixers.

4 line level input channels.

2 Channel mixer with Gain and 2 band EQ.

Switchable active crossfader.

Isolator EQ on the main output.

Balanced and Unbalanced outputs controlled by two volume controls.  One for Main the other for Booth.

Microphone input.

Headphone output 1/4in & 3.5mm jack sockets; with switchable room emulator circuitry to enhance the feel of headphone monitoring.  Use the CUE/PGM control to blend the headphone

mix from Pre-fader to main signal.

Two switchable analogue VU meters.

This can be ordered with the optional flightcase.  Designed to

house both the RM-2 and the PPA-1T with room for

interconnecting cables.

Paradise Systems Custom Hifi Audio

Customise Your Ride

At Paradise Systems you can have anything you want.  Give us your custom requirements and we will make them fit.  For example:

  • FX inserts,

  • 3 band channel EQ

  • additional inputs

  • Different finish

  • Any knob you want