The PPA, PPA-1R and the PPA-2R (twin) are high performance phono pre-amplifiers with switchable 25Hz High Pass filters.  Powered by a highly linear power supply.

The pre-amplifier stages have a RIAA gain profile with a slight enhancement in the lower frequency ranges.  Giving the amplifier extra punch where it is needed.

The filter can be switched in or out, this is achieved using gold terminal high quality relay switches.  By not using a conventional channel switch the audio path is kept as transparent as possible.  The filter removes inaudible low frequencies caused by warped records and tightens up the bass frequencies.  Thus clarifying bottom end separation and definition.

The bespoke nature of these products means that you, the customer, can define your own cutoff frequency if you choose.

Paradise Systems bespoke audio equipment hifi
Paradise Systems bespoke audio equipment hifi

Customise Your Ride

For example:

  • Knee frequency of Rumble filter

  • Gain profile mods


As an example our PPA series of phono preamplifiers range in price from £650 to £1100.

  • For home hifi setup the PPA-1R with the single preamplifier and rumble filter costs £700.

  • For DJs the PPA-2R with two preamps and filters employing Burr Brown amplifiers has a cost of £850.

  • Upgrade your PPA-1R with top of the line MUSES01 or Burson amplifiers for an additional £250.