Paradise Systems


From installing bespoke sound systems for legendary clubs Back2Basics and Gatecrasher to graduating with two degrees and a PhD in electronics, it’s fair to say that sound is everything for Steve Middleditch AKA Paradise Systems.

Born in 2017, Paradise Systems is a passion project that is starting to make sonic waves in the industry.

Paradise Systems is the culmination of 40 years of design and sound engineering, resulting in some of the most finely-honed pre-amps, mixers and equalisers known to music-making man.

From tweaking world-famous sound systems at the Hacienda to working internationally as a sound consultant, Steve brings decades of music knowledge to his lovingly hand-crafted

Ideal for professional use in bars and clubs and for at-home DJs and musicians who know what an RIAA curve should sound like, Paradise Systems’ equipment will instantly bring your music to life.

Don’t just take our word for it though. Over a short space of time Steve Middleditch PhD or Dr Sound, has won over a loyal band of fans, all taken with his sonic wizardry. Cosmic Slop, Chemical Brother’s warm-up DJ James Holroyd, Victor Simonelli, KMAH Radio, Luke Unabomber at Electric Chair, TheGetUp and more have fallen in love with Paradise Systems and their audio evolution.

Each unit is hand made in his laboratory in Leeds, where Steve spends hours and days creating his unique mixers, pre-amps and 3 band equalisers. Each unit can be fully customised too. Want FX inserts and a gleaming chrome finish? No
problem. Want your pre-amp customised with rumble filters, LED lights, filter knee frequencies and a wide range of colour finishes? No problem!

But what should the perfect sound, well, sound like?

“The perfect sound system would include an immersive experience where all frequencies in the program material are amplified without distortion or additive noise,” says Steve.

“The sound stage should be open and allow for a dynamic audio experience where each frequency is represented to allow the experience of music that sounds live. The treble should be sparkly with no harshness or sibilance, the bass should be deep and emotional, one should feel the bass, and the mids should be clear and sharp.”