Moodymanc / Dubble D

Danny Ward AKA MoodyManc, Double D, 2020 Soundsystem

“I was completely blown away with the PPA-2R twin phono pre amp from the first time I heard it.
Fat and warm bottom end, clear and crisp top end, nice attack from the upper mids and super wide stereo imaging.

We sat playing records at home for hours on end hearing details that I’d never heard before in them.
When A/B ing against the phono stages on my other home mixers (pioneer and allen and heath) the difference was staggering. It makes it particularly relevant if you like to mix vinyl and digital, making the vinyl actually sound equally as big if not bigger and more dynamic than a mastered .wav file. I now never leave for a gig where I’m playing vinyl without it. It takes only a couple of minutes to set up and the difference in sound quality is invariably noticed and commented on by the venue owners and regulars alike. I’ve also been using it to get much fatter and crisper sounding files when ripping vinyl for both playing and sampling purposes.
I can’t recommend the PPA-2R enough to anybody who’s serious about playing and listening to vinyl.”