Al Bradley

3AM Recordings

“Okay so I’ve currently got the pleasure of using this little beauty – it’s a Paradise Systems vinyl pre-amp, courtesy of Sal Paradise.

I won’t get into the technical shenanigans (feel free to drop the Paradise Systems page a line if you want that stuff!); all you need to know is that whatever music you put through this automatically sounds a million times better!
To use a food-based analogy, let’s go with chocolate. You know own-brand chocolate right? It’s nice, it tastes good & you get enjoyment from it, it’s chocolate. Well this pre-amp turns that own-brand chocolate into the most awesome hand-crafted Belgian chocolate, which is the most amazing thing you’ve ever eaten & afterwards it’s pretty hard to then go back from it……

If you like your audio to sound the best it can possibly sound (& better than you ever imagined it could) then I’d seriously advise checking these out.”