Service Schedule for Technics 1200 series Turntables:

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Pimping a Technics SL1200

Potential for Upgrade is Huge.
Origin Live Arm, Ebony Armboard, Brass Bearing, PS External Power supply, PS Voltage Regulator.
This is how they start out.

Upgrades for the Technics SL1200 series of Turntables

Technics have had unprecedented success with the SL1200 range of turntables that started life in 1972. These direct drive models originally intended as hi-fi devices, were adopted by the DJ community following the launch of the high torque motor and Quartz lock mechanism with the Mk2 in 1976. Approximately 3 million turntables were made until they were discontinued in 2009.

More recently the high end 1200G audiophile model heralded a return to production and a relaunch of the Technics brand in 2016. This was followed by a lower cost GR model the following year. In 2019 the 1500c starter turntable, and a new DJ-specific 1200 mk7 model, were launched.

All of these models have huge potential for upgrades, as have several related Technics models. The Technics direct drive motor is an industry standard reliable unit that keeps very accurate speed. Inevitably these turntables are built to a price and while the motors are very highly regarded,  compromises are made elsewhere.

All the decks suffer from acoustic feedback due to the ineffectiveness of the standard rubber feet and are fitted with arms that are more suitable for DJs  than audiophiles. Major gains in performance can be achieved by upgrading suspension and arm.

Solid Silver Cards Litz tonearm wire (£40).
Upgrading the Bearing Thrust Plate with a PS BTP1200 (£37.50 + postage or £50 fitted).  A cheap and significant one time upgrade.


Blue LED kit (£10, other colours available.
PS RCA plate (£35).
PS_LPS21T Twin linear external power supply (POA), single units also available (£350).
PS_VR21, Voltage regulator (£50) with additional safety and performance features, including a soft start.
PS-Armboard for any tonearm (POA)